Danish SimpleSite, or 123hjemmeside how it is better known in the region, made public company’s performance results for the past year.

“I’m rather proud that we have been able to generate 35% growth to 45 mio DKK (6 million Euro) in revenue on top of a an already fairly substantial 2012 revenue. I think it shows that it we have good contenders here in Scandinavia to the US players in a quickly rising “website builder” segment in the SaaS market,” shared company’s CEO Morten Elk in official press-release.

In terms of earnings for 2013 SimpleSite had a loss of 1.4 million DKK (187K Euro) after tax. However, gains from the new customers will contribute approximately 20 million DKK extra to the bottom line in the coming years. 70% of the Denmark-based company’s turnover in 2013 was international and 88% of all new customers come from abroad, promising for international share of turnover to grow more in the future.

Company’s massive growth of customer base is the result of targeted investment in online marketing in 124 countries. There are 24 country dedicated sites, three of which for Brazil, Russia and Malasia were added in 2013.

Currently SimpleSite is among top 10 websites for small businesses globally, but the goal is to be among top 5. A way to improve company’s market position is through product development, taking the benefit of SimpleSite’s high growth. Several hundred thousand trial subscribers every month give SimpleSite the opportunity to conduct A/B testing in product development. For instance, adding a background picture to the new users’ websites resulted in a 12% more subscribers choosing to become customers.