The Startup Conferize, launched less then a year ago, has just been featured on ArticStartup, relating to their big Artic15 conference. Conferize looks like an interesting product – taking conferences to the digital age.

Aside from alerting people to, and driving people to an event, the service also takes care of the “during” and “after” of conferences, by providing a single source of tweets, pictures, and video, as well as providing a better hub for finding attendees and networking afterwards. Conferize follows the content produced at the event in real time, so if you’re unable to attend a conference you can still get a better sense of the discussion happening on Twitter and other platforms.

Go over there and read some more about what ArticStartup think of the product, it’s features and the founders background.

Behind Conferize there are two names from earlier ventures: Martin Ferro-Thomsen and Jesper Vestergaard, who have gotten together with what looks like a strong team.
Media Evolution The Conference can be found there aswell, which seems very fitting!

More about Conferize: