Update: the embedded player above is from conferize’s covering of the, currently ongoing, Le Web conference!

The conference start-up space is crowded with many start-ups claiming to have the platform to launch, market and cover conferences. Conferize, founded by Martin Ferro-Thomson, have managed to make a name for themselves in this space, with an aim to provide a full service platform, that can do it all.

Martin Ferro-Thomson says:

“The idea for the new Conferize came from watching the flood of tweets from TC Disrupt last fall. We wanted to follow the best and most engaging stuff in a visual and fluid way that was more true to the conference format, and not just a gazillion tweets organized with a timestamp.”

Yesterday they got covered in Tech Crunch, which claims that the platforms around in this market are highly similar. Martin Ferro-Thomson did afterwards an blogpost about his view on the Tech Crunch article and what he thinks they missed. Here’s a quote from him about what makes Conferize unique:

“We structure and stimulate the conversations to go beyond just the random timestamped tweets. And we then source everything into a user’s personal dashboard to give him/her a truly unique overview of unique ideas from around the world.”

Studies show that conference and event organizers with an effective content marketing strategy are able to sell more registrations earlier with better targeting by building their online community across events. At the moment event organziers only reach 10% of their audience on average, which shows that there is plenty of room in this market left for better platforms. Conferize’s features of operating in real time and providing crowdsourced multi-media in the Highligh Player, might just be able to achieve this.

Since their pre-launch in Sillicon valley, they have been convered by prestigious media such as The Next Web and Venture Beat. We’re looking forward to see if Conferize manages to capture a large share of this market.