Copenhagen-based job marketplace Workee has just closed a seed round. The funding was provided by several business angels including Michael Ritto, former CEO at Nordisk Film, and seasoned business people from the Keystones network. Together with a matching loan from the Danish state fund Vaekstfonden, the investment totals 300 000 EUR.

Workee is a lightweight mobile-first app that connects job-seekers with companies around them. Following its motto “Less is more,” Workee has made the hiring process as simple and fast as possible. 

“We designed our app to meet the modern job trends. First and foremost, around 65% of employees in service industries prefer to use mobile devices for all work-related issues. Next, from 2014 to 2019, there was a 2,500% increase in ‘job near me’ searches,” says Vera Reshetina, CEO at Workee.

This approach has been especially popular with fast turnover jobs in the service industries, such as restaurants, retail and construction. Among the companies hiring through Workee are brands like 7-Eleven, Rema 1000, Aldi and others. According to the customers’ feedback, they consider the app to be the fastest and most effective way to close their job openings. 

The new financing will be used primarily for bolstering the company’s position in Denmark and enhancing its offering for large recruiters. 

“We’re especially excited that this fundraising is happening during the second wave of the pandemic. Many of our users have particularly suffered because of the lockdown, but during the past few months the number of unemployed individuals in Denmark has been slowly decreasing. It’s the perfect timing to gradually take the job market back to normal with the help of technology. The fresh funds will help thousands of Danes find a job in a matter of minutes,” adds Vera Reshetina.