CSE, the Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship, has since the start grown dramatically. It recently moved to bigger offices and this week Martin B. Justesen, founder of the incubator, announced that they had had over 100 startups going thru them. A milestone indeed!

“We [at CSE] are very proud to have business number 100 assigned per date.” Martin announced.

CSE is the largest incubator for student entrepreneurs and belongs at the Copenhagen Business School located in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. Over the years, CSE has developed into a thriving interdisciplinary and international greenhouse, where they affiliated companies represents all major Danish educational institutions, over 25 different nationalities and a wide range of industries.

What is CSE?

CSE has over the years evolved into an epicenter for student entrepreneurship and business. It’s co-working space CSE labs enables student-driven startups to have office facilities as well as professional services.

More than 600 teams have in 2013 described their idea through the CSE ‘s online tool Proof of Idea, which helps the students started with their idea and CSE gives access to 100 teams per year , which can work with the idea of the greenhouse interdisciplinary working .

“This is a watershed moment for the CSE and CBS. CSE has gone through a rapid development and we have gone from being one initiative amongst many other to becoming a brand in the entrepreneurial scene.” Managing Director Karina Rothoff Brix said.

Previous successes

Of the 100 startups mautliple successes have been started here. Noteable startups with associations to CSE include amongst other:

CSE also expects to continue the rapid evolvement and has many exciting initiatives in the pipeline. In early 2014 CSE plans to launch it’s match-up platform to help startups meet key people from investors to trainees. At the same time the Go Grow project will start, an initiative to help startups go internationally. All of this is besides the already very established Friday Networking Bars and Open Wednesdays, both very popular events initiated by CSE.

If you want to read more, you can find info about CSE here, and more information about the milestone here.