An intense weekend of Startup Weekend Copenhagen Media competition is over and the winners celebrate their victory, as reported by the Trendsonline. The first prize, awarded by Microsoft BizSpark and Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship, went to Edify. The core idea of this project is to create a course-based service where students could make some money by educating their younger counterparts. According to Kasper Krægpøth, the brain behind the idea, the project will get going as soon as they get some financing.

GoKoKo was the recipient of the second prize, awarded by Microsoft BizSpark. The team came up with an idea to create new local journalism, based on geographical locations. GoKoKo is a service that supposed to gather available news content avoiding adds.

The third prize went to Feedeat, an app that streams and links content from different social media platforms. Customized according to personal preferences and interests, the app is supposed to help users to deal with vast information flows.

Even though there were just three winners, a number of teams have received recognition along with special prizes. A prize for the best pitch from ETEQ went to Hiveeo, who presented an idea of an app for apartment search. A special award from the judges was given to Dribbler, who developed an intelligent ball that counts times it hits the surface. Another special prize from Social Square went to Newsfix, who came up with an idea of Spotify for media with premium content in a common digital platform. What a productive weekend!