CSE lab (Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship) is a co-working space and incubator located at CBS.

Office and workspace options:

Free workspaces/desks for the entrepreneurs, who can come and go as they like.
Also, they have the possibility of booking meeting rooms

In general, all offers, events and etc. targeted at startups and entrepreneurs are free.

What companies is CSE lab focusing on

At Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship, there are 4 different target groups:
– CSE Lab: is for (student) entrepreneurs who are supported by different programs and offers
– CSE Academia: is for teachers and reseachers who are trained by e.g. entrepreneurial teaching corps in order for them to empower young talents to ideas and start up businesses.
– CSE Business: is for business with the goal to bridge research and commercialization
– CSE Press: is for the media

Contact information

If you want to hear more about different programs and offer, stop by CSE Lab every Wednesday from 13-17 for ’Open Wednesday‘ at Howitzvej 60, 1. Floor, 2000 Frederiksberg, where inspiring Business Developers will be available to give qualified sparring.

Or contact business developer, Martin B. Justesen:
Mail: mbj.idea@cbs.dk
Phone: +45 3815 3646

Events at CSE lab

Every month, CSE hosts a regular Friday Networking Bar which is very well attended by entrepreneurs, people with interest in this topic, business angels, partners, students, teachers and many, many others. Moreover, there is also a regular Copenhagen Wednesday event one Wednesday during the month targeted at Startups or people with interest in the field of entrepreneurship, where invited and interesting speakers sheds light on a certain topic – with themes such as: How to Create a $-Making Business in 2 hours!, Get Online Success With Your Start-Up!, How to get investment!?, From Idea to Business plan.

The incubator

CSE lab is an incubator for talented students, graduates, and postdocs to develop and test their ideas and further, turn their ideas into aspiring businesses. The focus is on three different programs – Proof of Idea (POI), Proof of Concept (POC), Proof of Business (POB) – depending on what stage the entrepreneurs have reached with their ideas and businesses.

Help comes in the form of:






For a more detailed information about the different parts and POI, POC and POB phases, visit CSE labs official site.