On December 5th, 2013 the annual IVÆKSTprisen was awarded in Copenhagen. The IVÆKSTprisen is given out annually to Danish entrepreneurs and start-ups. This prize is not only an honor for the winner, but it also helps their startups to further networks and funds to make the enterprises grow.

Among the 7 winners of the IVÆKSTprisen, we put a closer eye on two of the most promising Copenhagen based start-ups.

Firstly, the startup Billetto which has received the prize for the Best Growth Adventure. Øresund startup has already reported on it earlier this year when they announced a € 2.2M round of funding. Billetto aims at selling event tickets online, and it has expanded rapidly nationally and internationally. Currently, their biggest market is in London which offers tons of activities and events every day.

The second was the winner of the Born Global prize – the startup Zerved. The founders Michael Rude Moncur, Martin Tychsen and Anders Rasmussen have developed an app that optimizes the customer management in bars. This app enables customers to order and pay on their smartphone. Zerved is highly requested by the anglophone market having secured the first investments from an English angel.

The IVEAKST prize has many success stories and is inspiring future entrepreneurs and investors. We are all eager to see which start-up is next in line for the IVEAKST prize in 2014.

If you want to know more, Trendsonline has a complete list and write-up of the event.