Crunchfish, the company behind GoCam, has raised a third round of angel funding for further expansion of the team. Their touchless interaction technology as well as a novel social sharing innovation will drive the company forward.

With this investment Silicon Valley entrepreneur Ken Thom joins the team of investors, and it is also the first step in establishing presence in Silicon Valley. Apart from Ken, it is the current investors that are doubling down on the company as they are investing over 95% of the round themselves, a total of € 3 M.

With the investment, the team in Malmö will be strengthened further and it will also be used to establish a presence in the U.S.

“We are looking forward to strengthening the team in Malmö as well as establishing our presence in Silicon Valley. With this round we are fully capitalized so we can focus on finding the best contacts for further growth,” stated Joachim Samuelsson.

Joachim is a serial entrepreneur with several successul ventures behind him already. Crunchfish is his latest focus, where he is chairman of the board – and will be the one representing the company in Silicon Valley initially. Joachim and Saudi-Ethiopian businessman Mohammed Al Amoudi are the two main owners and investors in the startup. Crunchfish is led by CEO Joakim Nydemark, who was previously with TAT and Obigo. The team is now 20 people strong, and with the new investment they expect to add 10 additional employees during 2015.

GoCam and social sharing

To showcase their technology, in June Crunchfish released the GoCam app, which received a great deal of attention and was downloaded 250,000 times worldwide. Version 2, includes a new feature “social sharing in a bubble“, and was just released internationally. The app not only allows taking photos or videos without touching the screen, it also allows sharing of photos between devices with unprecedented ease. The novel sharing is based on new proprietary technology from Crunchfish, using the cloud and bluetooth beacon technology to sense devices nearby.