Fintech Øresund is introduced by five local entrepreneurs, David Nilsson, Smart Refill, Joachim Samuelsson, Crunchfish, Kenneth Nilsson, Resurs Bank, Victor Sandberg, pej and Karsten Deppert, Collaboration concepts.

Crunchfish together with IBM, Resurs Bank, Smart Refill and Collaboration Concepts are the first members and the purpose of the forum is to highlight the experience and skills of financial technology in the region, and create the conditions for faster growth and new businesses in the area.

“We have long wanted to create a local Fintech forum. There is a lot of world-class FinTech here. I want to develop cooperation in the region so that Smart Refill and other companies continue to be at the forefront of this fast-growing industry.”, says David Nilsson, founder and CEO of Smart Refill.

There is already considerable experience, knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit in Fintech in the Öresund region, but there has so far been no industry forum. Through Fintech Øresund, the founders intend to improve the conditions for local Fintech players in order to grow faster and to facilitate the launch of new ventures in the area.

“We are continually looking for emerging technologies from academia and start-ups that have a potential for global markets. IBM embraces an open ecosystem to innovate across industries with cloud, cognitive, blockchain, and IoT technologies. Fintech is an industry we see innovation coming at a rapid pace and it’s my hope that participation in this forum will increase the prerequisites for finding these partnerships.”, says Brandon Jones, Director of IBM iX Nordic.

The Fintech industry has grown ever stronger in recent years, as new technology has made it possible to develop new and more efficient ways of managing payments and information linked to this. The Fintech industry is predicted to become one of Sweden’s strongest growth areas in the next few years.

“There is a lot of high-quality technology being developed in the Öresund region. As a start-up company, it is crucial to be responsive to the market and quickly deliver innovative solutions. Technology from other companies speeds up our development significantly.” says Victor Sandberg, CEO and founder of pej AB.

The core of the business will initially be bi-monthly network meetings at Mindpark in Helsingborg. When Mindpark opens at Hyllie in Malmö, meetings will also be held there. Mindpark resources will administer the activities of the forum, which is organized as a non-profit association.

“Collaboration concepts runs several entrepreneurial clusters in the region. Öresund deserves a Fintech forum to accelerate cooperation and keep up with the rapid industry development. I am pleased that Fintech Øresund will have its hub at Mindpark, Helsingborg and later in Malmö when Mindpark opens there.”, says Karsten Deppert, entrepreneur and founder of Collaboration concepts.

The initiators welcome more members, both Swedish and Danish, who share the founders’ mission to strengthen the Fintech business in the region.

Press photo: The founders of Fintech Øresund, from the left: David Nilsson, Smart Refill, Joachim Samuelsson, Crunchfish, Kenneth Nilsson, Resurs Bank, Victor Sandberg, pej and Karsten Deppert, Collaboration concepts.