Crunchfish, the touch-less technology startup, released today the GoCam iPhone app that lets you take photos without touching the phone. It also lets you record videos, without needing to press a bottom or holding the phone.

The app is a different step then their usual approach – making it more as a technological showcase then a core product. The core business of the startup is still selling and licensing technology to mobile manufacturers.

“Even though a number of handset vendors globally are integrating our touchless software for different features into their devices, we wanted to develop GoCam in order to show the capabilities of gesture interaction also in the iOS environment. I am very happy with the outcome.” said Joakim Nydemark, CEO

“GoCam really brings a magic user experience to your device that opens up a new dimension of exploring photography.” he continues.

After having tried it out ourselves, we can say it is definitely worth giving the app a try, just for the touch-less experience. Maybe not that useful for selfie, as those still require you to hold the phone, but as a remote control for taking photos with yourself in it is very useful! You can find it on the AppStore here.