Crunchfish, the touchless mobile interface company, announced today that they have secured a new round of investment, totaling €2.4M.

The investment comes in part from the current investors, who put an additional €1.6M into the startup. The rest comes from two new owners, Stephan Carlquist who invests €600K and Anders Williamson, who invests €100K.

“We think it is good to get some more investors now. We are very happy that Stephan and Anders get on board” says Joachim Samuelsson, Chairman at Crunchfish

Anders Williamson is a former chairman of Hemocue. Stephan Carlquist operates the environmental consulting company Xynteo. Both have also been on the board in the dental technology company Biomain where Joachim Samuelsson was the former CEO.

Crunchfish is current owners are the Saudi businessman Mohammed Al-Amoudi (who is amongst world’s 100 richest people according to Forbes), consulting company Intesa and Joachim Samuelsson. Mohammed is the largest shareholder with 32.5 percent of the company both before and after the issue. Samuelsson is increasing his stake from 23.9 to 25 percent.

The advance of the startup, going from being mostly a consultancy to become an developer of a completely new technology, has been a fast rise so far. The startup landed less then a month ago a big deal with chinese mobile manufacturer, and it has been less then a year since the initial investment of €2M by Joachim and Mohammed.