The Danish start-up from Founders House,  Opeepl insights received a million-investment from private investors. Opeepl developed a revolutionary SaaS-based market analysis concept for SME’s who often don’t do much market research because they lack resources. With Opeepl SME’s can receive market data in just an hour. The investment will be used to further stimulate their growth and for international exposure. CEO Morten Korch-Haahr, expects that the company can make an international impact within a few years.

“We see huge potential in the SME segment – all the companies who are not currently doing market research because of costs and resources. Here Opeepl insights a solution that meets the need for flexibility, speed and ease with which this market requires. ” says Morten Korch-Haahr to

The firm seems to fulfil the need for cheap and quick market research effectively. Since they launched ‘World’s fastest market analysis’ in September 2012 things have gone fast. Opeepl has now had clients such as Carlsberg, McDonalds, Ebay and Good Evening Denmark.