GameAnalytics received a 1.7M (Eur) investment from Sunstone and Tommy Ahlers in cooperation with Jimmy Maymann and Michael Arrington.

The Danish start-up provides a tool that helps game developers to collect and analyse data about gaming behaviour. Data analysis of gaming behaviour is then used to gain unique insights and to further develop the games towards the needs of the customer.

“Data analysis is widespread in many sectors, but for some reason this is not widespread in the gaming industry. This sector has seen very strong growth, where the optimization of existing products has not had the same focus as opposed to getting some games off the ground and to make some money.” says Jimmy Fussing Nielsen to

GameAnalytics has operated with a beta version so far, and only now they will go the the market with their product.

“We run a closed beta version (a temporary version, continue to be developed and used by invited users, ed.) of our software over the past three or four months. It is only now that we really go to market with a commercial aim.” says Morten E. Wulff to

It is an investment in a start-up, without a proven track record. However there seems to be an unfulfilled need for data analysis in this market which provides a unique and hopefully profitable opportunity for GameAnalytics.