dLaboratory from Lund works on a technology that makes it easier to anticipate and avoid power failures. Now they have raised additional funding of 10 million Sek (1 million euro) that will be allocated towards further product marketing and sales, writes 8till5.

The current round is done through shares emission. Among the investors are Gunnar Bergstedt and the existing owners Almi Invest and Sustainable Energy Angels (SEA).

dLaboratory’s innovative system allows relay protection, disturbance recording and automatic fault analysis. All of this done is done through a central computer. When an incident occurs the computer immediately delivers an analysis report, stored and easily accessible via the Internet.

“Our products for digitization of power grid has been very well received by the market and now we need considerably boost our sales. Therefore, it is very exciting that we have secured capital from both new investors and existing owners. This makes it possible for us to make proper investments in marketing and sales,” says Fredrik Akke, president of Dlaboratory

dLaboratorys systems are in use at Swedish power providers E.ON, Kraftringen and Öresundskraft.