Malmo-based Boostified that secretly launched last spring has now taken in an investment of 2 mln SEK (200 000 euro) from investors Jan Klima and Peter Lindell.

Boostifed’s core service is matching companies with social media influencers for marketing purposes, primarily on Instagram.

“This is our first investment round and now we want to bet big and expand in the Nordic region. Together with our investors, we can scale up very quickly,” – says Imad Ibrahim, founder of Boostified, in the interview with 8till5.

Presently Boostified’s team consists of 4 people, but the plan is to add 3 more people during the spring. Their customer portfolio consists of over 50 companies.

When it comes to the influencers, Boostified has a network of over 1 000 people. Their focus in on less established profiles, with 2 000-10 000 followers.

Influencers in Boostified’s network are not paid but instead get to test various products offered by the companies.

“Influencers mention in their posts that they get sponsorship. But we say never to the profiles what to write. We assume that they really like the products sent to them, which can be up to SEK 10 000 per year.”