TopVisible, a SEO company based in Malmö and behind web services such as the SEO test, has announced that they have received funding.

The investments is in the six digits euro size, and comes from private investors. The aim with the investment is to grow the consultancy bigger, but also to add new services and expand the market with SEO software.

“There is currently few good SEO softwares with an international focus. We plan on changing that.” says Jacob Lönroth, one of the co-founders and CTO.

The SEO test was the first type of software that is already available. Two more services will be released soon, with the first one being a rank checker named RankTrail, a tool for keeping track of webistes rankings.

The goal is to establish the software services within this years end, and to expand them to other european markets as soon as possible.

“This is a very exciting time, and with our great team and past experiences, we really think we are in a good position to become one of the main Internet marketing softwares in Europe in the next few years.” says Magnus Äng, co-founder and with a past at SkickaTå and

The company recently announced that they had hired Fredrik Lethin from Yves Rocher as their new CEO. With this round of funding a new era in the company seems to have begun, expanding from an experienced consultancy to a software startup.

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