Helsingborg-based startup Dogtracks is reported to be gearing up to launch its dog training app on Android phones and plans to launch an advertising campaign in the United States. The app is designed for training tracking dogs, allowing users to mark scent trails on a map and share them with others. Following the upcoming Android launch, the service, available in Swedish and English, will be accessible on both Apple and Android devices.

Patrik Borneson, co-founder and CEO of Dogtracks, notes that the app has become a standard tool for most dog clubs in Sweden, with strong organic growth in the country. Currently, the app boasts around 10.000 unique users per month, and Rapidus reports the the startup is currently generating a monthly revenue of € 12.000.

Patrik envisions substantial growth potential in the United States, with around 70 million dogs in the country, projecting annual downloads of 200,000. The upcoming U.S. advertising campaign marks a significant step for Dogtracks, which has seen organic growth thus far.