Startup Airtame, creator of the hardware-enabled SaaS platform that allows seamless screen sharing and video conferencing collaboration, announced a partnership with Danish-based Jabra, a leader in professional audio and hybrid work solutions. The aim is to provide a comprehensive, cross-platform meeting solution that eliminates common challenges in hybrid meeting spaces.

Jabra is a leading brand in audio, video, and collaboration solutions. It is part of the GN Group, which has a 150 years of experience, operating in 100 countries. GN is global and employs more than 7,500 people and in 2022 reported annual revenue of € 2.5 billion (DKK 18.7bn), and is listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen listed.

“Partnering with other industry leading companies is critical to us so that we can provide end-users with the flexible solutions and support required to thrive while collaborating across hybrid workspaces. Joining with Jabra allows Airtame to stay true to our mission of delivering a seamless hybrid meeting experience to anyone, anywhere, at any time.”

says Jonas Gyalokay, Airtame Co-Founder.

The Airtame hybrid conferencing platform stands out as one of the most versatile option available on the market. It is specifically designed to integrate with peripheral manufacturers, providing the most technologically advanced wireless hybrid meeting experience possible, with additional compatibility with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and soon, Google Meet and Webex. By integrating with Jabra’s industry-favorite collaboration solutions, it allows for optimal integration without compromising the quality or performance of either solution.

“Our partnerships within the collaboration technology ecosystem provide solution options for customers. The Airtame solution provides a choice for customers who want a flexible solution for their hybrid environments.”

said Holger Reisinger, SVP, Jabra

Together, these two Danish tech companies are making a significant impact by creating a simpler, smarter, and more engaging collaboration experience, ringing in the future of collaboration in the AV industry.