Interested in how the future will develop? Interested in AI, and its effect on society? Then you should attend the season’s most exciting AI event in the region – AI Nordic Powwow, which will take place in Lund on May 23rd!

The main focus of the event is on the entire spectrum of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) with a humanistic perspective. The future of AI, its impact on society and its use in specific industries will be explored.

“This is not meant to be a regular conference, but we hope for a social and creative Powwow-experience where the participants not just gain knowledge, but also a hope for the future”, says Johan Wester, one of the organisers.

The event is organised in a way that participants could mingle and build an active network for future collaborations and innovations.

It is a collaboration between Skånemotor and Lund University, and the diversity of speakers is truly inspiring! The participants would get to meet experts, business leaders and researchers from various backgrounds. Read the full list of speakers here.

In the afternoon sessions, the participants will be able to choose from one of six different tracks:

  • Future healthcare
  • Industrial transformation with AI
  • AI challenges in society
  • Smart cities and mobility
  • Big data
  • AI/ML talent supply

“AI and machine learning must not be left to just specialists or politicians. These are issues everyone needs to be involved in”, says Johanю

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