EXINI Diagnostics, Lund-based company that provides software for analysis of medical radiology images, has signed a five-year contract with Japanese Fujifilm Pharma. Under the agreement Fujifilm Pharma will start licensing EXINI heart and continue with EXINI bone software.

EXINI Diagnostics receives 28.4 million Swedish crowns from the deal. The agreement is also expected to bring in additional 20 million in bonuses over the next five years.

Magnus Aurell, CEO of EXINI Diagnostics, estimates that the market that the company operates in is worth about nine billion crowns. So there is still much to look forward to. At the moment EXINI Diagnostics works on adapting its software to analyze images from MRI and X-rays and market expansion for its EXINI bone.

“We have a research relationship with a reputable hospital in New York, but we do not expect sales in the state we are in now. First, we must build the reference platform and then take the next step up for sale”, says Magnus Aurell in Sydsvenskan.se.