ShopGun, one of the most popular apps in Denmark with more than 1,7 million downloads, has just entered into a big, strategic partnership with Swedish postal service, PostNord.

What is ShopGun? It is an app that provides it users with online catalogs and search engines that help customers to optimize and plan their shopping. These days the app is available in Denmark, Norway, Holland and partly in Sweden. As for now, about 110,000 Norwegians and 65,000 Swedes have already downloaded the app. While the goal for the ShopGun is to get 1 million downloads in Norway and 1.5 million in Sweden during the next couple of years. In this connection, the agreement with PostNord promises significant revenue within a few years and opens a range of opportunities for both parties.

On one side of the agreement there is ShopGun a small (25 employees) but very ambitious startup with interesting ideas. On the other side sits one of Sweden’s largest companies with 35,000 employees. For PostNord, an agreement is a natural way of extending their offerings to their customers who already purchase printed catalogs, while Shopgun gets access to Swedish customers.

The chairman, Christian Ree is excited about the deal, but at the same time he tries to be realistic:

“It is too early to quantify. There are many factors that might influence the revenue, but it is clear – we are on the right track. We have all the chances to succeed.”

Concerning future plans of ShopGun, Christian Birch, co-fonder and the CEO says:

“We are planning to expand as we do not consider that post flyers is our final target. We are also planning to focus on making our app even more user-friendly,”

When it comes to market growth, the next planned step for ShopGun is Germany, followed by the United States. Christian Ree expects that they can hit both countries in the course of next year, if everything works out:

“ShopGun is a great tool in purchasing for the consumers. We expect that ShopGun will prove its worth worldwide.”