Nordic APIs is a series of conferences organized by Dopter and Twobo Technologies. The goal of the project is to increase information flow and knowledge sharing over borders and between businesses through the usage of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). The technology is rather new so it is important to help private and public sectors of Scandinavia to take advantage of it.

“Organizations are producing hordes of data as a consequence of doing their business. APIs provide a way to turn that byproduct – that sawdust– into new products and new revenue streams,” – explains Travis Spencer, CEO of Twobo Technologies in the official press release.

“APIs are especially important in light of mobile, cloud computing, and, in some cases, it is even a government requirement to make data freely available,” – adds API specialist, Andreas Krohn of Dopter (Check for Q&A about Nordic APIs with Andreas Krohn here).

The importance of the APIs is recognized within the business community as well in both Southern Sweden and Copenhagen areas. Henrik Laursen, Solution Architect at Saxobank in Denmark, is going to attend Nordic APIs this Semptember. He shares his view on the relevance of APIs technology and the upcoming conference in a short interview.

How is the conference relevant for your business?

“We are currently wrapping our entire business domain in a unified API and have decided to follow the REST path. We have gained a lot of experience since we started but would like to “mingle” with other API developers and architects to hear their stories as well as share our story with them. REST is a set of architectural principles that can easily be misinterpreted and “bent out of shape”. On the other hand, following the principles to the point can be too puristic. So we are also eager to hear from other attendees that are already in production with an enterprise API, where pragmatism over purism is the way to go and vice versa.”

How is Nordic APIs important for Copenhagen business community?

“I believe that some (maybe many) companies are planning or already wrapping their domains in APIs for several reasons. First, they need the unification of end points to lower the cost of developing client applications against their domain. Second, some will try to monetize their APIs and others will be aiming for the cloud. Depending on company and domain size, this is not an easy undertaking. So being able to share knowledge and learn from some gurus on the API stage is beneficial. Being able to go to a conference nearby is very important.”

What are your expectations of the conference?

“Much of it is written above, but in summary: to learn from the gurus about tried and tested standards and principles, learn from other attendees about their experiences and to share our experiences so far.”

Upcoming Nordic APIs conference will be held in Stockholm on September 18th & 19th. Dopter and Twobo will be joined by delegates from Europe and elsewhere to hear from speakers like John Musser and Adam DuVander of ProgrammableWeb, Kin Lane of API Evangelist, Paul Madsen of Ping Identity’s CTO office, Erik Wahlström, co-author of the SCIM API, and other well-known authorities on the topic of mobile app development, cloud services, mashups, security and the business of APIs according to the official press release. Check conference schedule here and register for the event here.

When: September 18-19, 2013
Where: Lustikulla Conference Center in Liljeholmen, Stockholm