Trendsonline reports that Flextown gets a million DKK investment (€ 135K) from former Ernst & Young CEO, Per Møller through the firm Birch Stream .

U.S. venture

Flextown was started two years ago, and the aim with the funding is to get go bigger then just the scandinavian market, and enter the US. They have recently opened an office in New York. They chose New York because of the booming entrepreneurial focus, and because their primary test segment, advertising agencies, was widely represented there.

“We have reached a point where the timing to get funding is right. Our B2B product has received good response and we have created a good base in Scandinavia. Now we need to accelerate our growth in current markets and slowly establish ourselves in the new ones.” says CEO & co-founder, Oliver Vassard to Trendsonline.

“Flextown has built a solid business model that is easily scalable. Looking at the digital business card product, this is an innovative and cost-effective service with clear benefits for companies that choose to replace their traditional business cards.” says Per Møller.

Congratulations Flextown on the investment and will follow their progress. Business cards create opportunities and with Metal Business Kards you can have yours done too.