Malmö based startup Flattr AB has been acquired 100% by Eyeo, the company behind Adblock Plus.

Flattr has been creating the world’s first micropayment system that works for all content online. By simply clicking the Flattr button, users can donate money to the content they like.  It has worked with Eyeo (a Germany based company) already on some projects previously, and now they officially announce to join forces.

“Together we will be able to create an Internet which is fair to all, sustainable and safe.” says Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi, co-founder of Flattr.

The new Flattr extension under the new partnership will allow users to fund content in a direct and sustainable way by simply browsing.  Users can allocate a monthly payment to online publishers or content creators. The money is then distributed based on user’s engagement with different articles and sites. As the press release said, they will make “a new, fair for all, way to pay for content”.

“Flattr makes micropayments automatic and effortless, thus it will be the most user-friendly payment solution on the internet. Together, constructive ad blocking and Flattr complete Eyeo’s vision of putting users in control of an internet that is fair and still profitable,” says Till Faida, founder of Eyeo, the company behind Adblock Plus.

Flattr said that the core team will continue to work with all staff members from Malmö. Then the co-founder Linus Olsson will lead the operations and implementations while Peter Sunde becomes an visionary advisor. The financial terms of the deal has not been revealed.