Veckans Affärer released their list of the 24 hotest entrepreneurs and startups in Sweden. From our region only Malmö-based Flattr made the list.

“Flattr offers not just the ability to press ‘thumbs up’, it also enables you to press the flattr button and give a small amount to the creator of the content. At the end of the month Flattr divides the amount you have specified, making it possible to offer microtransactions without high transaction fees or advanced logins. Flattr got started 2010 and has revieced $2M (€1.5M) investments from Passion Capital and Federico Pirzio-Biroli. This year the service is in for a breakthrough, having enabled flattr in other social media services and not just on the creators sites.” reads their motivation.

You can view the other startups and entrepreneurs on their site (requires some clicking, one nominee on each page).