This site is started by me, Karsten Deppert. I am doing this, because I have during my years as an entrepreneur, running Contentor and SHIP in Helsingborg amongst others, gotten to know alot of great people in every major city in the Øresund region. In Lund, Malmö, Copenhagen and Helsingborg.

However, the more nice people and cool offices I got to know, the more I realized how fragmanted the region actually is. Despite what all the goverment-funded project try to do.

This site is my take on helping create a better, more co-operative and just more amazing Øresund region. I firmly believe that this region has the potential to match Silicon Valley in the long run. And maybe get even better.

For this reason however, to achieve that goal, this site needs an organization. We are therefor currently looking for the following people:

  • 4 jr. journalists (volunteers). Open-minded people with a hunger for getting to know and under the skins of entrepeneurs and companies in this region. With a proficiency for writing in English.
  • 1 editor-in-chief (volunteer), who helps us set deadlines, proffreading, create good content and make sure we don’t waste our readers time with uninteresting information!
  • 1 webmaster, (volunteer), with WP-skillz and a knack for commanding websites to do his/hers bidding.
  • As you might have noticed, all of the positions are volunteering positions. This is because we do not have any capital or funding, and no revenue stream. At least not yet. The plan is that this will change, and that we can afford to pay our staff later. Until that moment however everybody who works with this project, including myself, will do it without any compensation. We will do it because it is fun, fills a need and makes the whole region a better place. That is enough.

    I have so far spread this idea to certain key-personalities, and received great response. But for this too work, I need more help. So if you want to contribute, or even better, if you know somebody who fits in the roles mentioned above, do not hesitate to contact me!

    Karsten Deppert
    +46 739559331