Rebecca Brodd became a new CEO of Contentor, a company that offers a number of text related services for the web. After 4 years of successful performance in Scandinavia, the management of the company has made a decision to scale up company’s operations. Expansion of the management team is one of the points on the growth agenda that will help to focus on delivering better and more cost-effective translations and text.

Rebecca Brodd has previously worked with K2C and Resource Group, a company that provides support services for e-retailers. This, powered by Dan Nilsson’s technical experience and skills in e-commerce and Karsten Deppert’s expertise in business development and management, will help to create a strong working team that will satisfy customers’ needs and demands.

Among other points on Contentor’s growth agenda are introduction of the new CMS support platform for better file management, expansion of the language pool, and provision of better integration with other systems and ongoing translations.