At this time with Corona rampaging the world, a lot of concerts are being canceled. GigsGuide, a startup within the travel and music industry, has launched a unique product to focus on this: virtual tours with artists. They call this “Operation Paradise City”.

“Just because we can’t travel to see great gigs right now, it doesn’t mean great music can’t come to us!” says Francesco Cetraro, founder GigsGuide.

Since Monday, they have added support for “virtual” concerts to GigsGuide, and they now list loads of great events with incredible artists from all over the world. These can be found here:

The core of GigsGuide functionalities is also there, such as help with finding artists and gigs that best match the users taste.

“True to our commitment of not making money off the music, particularly right now when artists need all the support they can get, the service is completely free for artists and for users.” says Francesco.

The initiative has already been picked up by media around the world, such as BBC, Forbes and The Guardian.

Have you as a startup been affected by the Corona situation yourself?

“The GigsGuide team is in good shape. To be honest, we were mostly self-isolating and working from home before too, so our lifestyle hasn’t really changed much.” says Francesco