Wellbefy launches special tool for better remote working

Multiple startups are launching new features when daily operations all over Europe are changing due to the coronavirus. We just reported Gigsguide, a start-up within the travel and music industrylaunching virtual tours. Last week, the hr-tech startup Wellbefy launched a special version of their employee experience tool, aimed at organisations that have switched to remote work.

“We know that organisations that work remotely often have a harder time knowing how employees are doing. And especially in these times, this is more relevant than ever. Therefore we have opened up our tool and are allowing organizations to use it free of charge.” says Sandra Jönsson, CEO and co-founder.

The special version enables organisations to get insights from their team on how they are feeling and experiencing working from home. It can also be used to get feedback from the employees how they are feeling that crisis management is handled, and what their main worries in these times are.
The tool is open for any organisation to use freely.

“We all must do something to help out. We have this tool, and it was easy for us to adjust it for the COVID-19 situation. Letting organisations use it for free in this crisis is for us the right thing to do.” says Sandra

You can check out more about the tool here: www.wellbefy.se/blogg/covid-19