Ulobby is a B2B SaaS-platform developed for Public Affairs and stakeholder relations management, founded in 2016 by Bertel Torp and Anders Kopp Jensen. The startup has 15 employees and offices in Copenhagen and Brussels (since 2019), and is expanding futher to Sweden this year.

The startup kickstarted 2020 by appointing Fruzsina Karolyi as EU Public Affairs Director, who will be in charge of expanding Ulobby’s client base in Brussels and increasing Ulobby’s brand awareness in the EU. Another important task will be to establish and grow Ulobby’s team in Brussels as well as the presence on the EU level.

“Brussels is a key market for Ulobby. Our client base outside of Denmark is expanding, and our current clients have a growing interest in the EU. I am therefore very pleased to have Fruzsina on board to head up our business in the region,” says Anders Kopp Jensen, co-founder and CEO of Ulobby.

As mentioned previously, the startup is looking to scale the business further in the new year, in part by entering new markets.

“2020 is going to be an exciting year for Ulobby. In addition to strengthening our presence in Brussels, we are planning to expand to Sweden and Norway. The Swedish and Norwegian markets are somewhat similar to Denmark, so it is a natural next step for us to take the business to our neighbouring countries,” continues Anders.

The Danish start-up will raise a Series A investment in the coming months to expand growth in Brussels and the Nordics.