Incentive, with their intranet solution for enterprises, will raise a € 2M investment round, reports Sydsvenskan on their new 8till5 business news site.

This is Incentives third round, and will be aimed at further expansion in the U.S.

Private cloud solution

Incentives solution is a social collaboration platform for enterprises, payed for by a subscription fee. A big difference to other solutions is Incentives focus on private clouds and their software being installed on their costumers computers. Something that has gotten a lot of interest the recent years, as awareness of exploits and data leaks have increased, as well as a greater caution towards giving Amazon, Google and other big corporates access to information.

“Our vision is to make people life happier, avoiding frustration and irritation with cumbersome internal systems and email” Says CEO Rickard Hansson to 8till5.

With the funding the sales team in the U.S. will be strengthened, as well as the development team in Malmö. The aim with the current investment is to become cashflow positive.

“The goals is that the € 2 M investment will go all the way to being profitable. We strive to reaching break-even in october 2016.” Rickard says.

Earlier this year there where talks about Incentive aiming for an IPO next, but with this new round of financing this has changed. If there still are plans to go public soon is unknown for now.