Inimini, formerly known as Minikit, a Malmö-based second-hand children’s clothing company, gained attention on SVT’s Draknästet, a TV show similar to Shark Tank. The company’s founders, Josefin Runquist and Maja Vallinder, appeared on the show and secured a € 260.000 (SEK 3 million investment) from a group of prominent business angels.

Inimini aims to simplify second-hand shopping and make it profitable through technological solutions, including AI-driven image editing and automated pricing. Over the past year, the company has increased its revenue from € 65.000 to €145.000, with a projected growth to € 350.000 for the current year.

On the show Inimini received several investment offers, but they ultimately chose the investor alliance, which included investors such as Lena Apler, Christian von Koenigsegg, Jonas Tellander, and Shervin Razani. This decision resulted in a € 260.000 investment for a € 1,3 million (SEK 15 million valuation) of the company.

The investment will be used to further develop their technical products, expand marketing efforts, and invest in a new warehouse to handle the increasing volume of children’s clothing.

And the team got not just all the investors at the show interested – they also got a lot of interest from viewers when the show was aired!

“The site crashed, which is a nightmare for all e-commerce businesses who know that every second is so important. But we also see it positive that we had 17,000 people per minute on the site!”

said Josefin Runquist

Despite operating in sectors that could be perceived as female-dominated, such as second-hand, children, and e-commerce, Inimini had primarily attracted male investors until now. With Lena Apler joining as an investor, the company welcomes its first female investor.

Breakit reports on some behind the scenes drama from the show that was not aired. If you want to know more about that, read their article here: Inimi vill kitta barnen rätt och fick drakarna att dregla – så gick det i Draknästet.