The CPH Townhalls have over the years gathered startup people and entrepreneurs from this region. The have been in different forms and settings, but always with the same ambition: to be one point where you can get a feeling for all that is happening and all kind of startups that are in the region!

As always, there will be prominent investors, startup entrepreneurs and community players on stage. And plenty of surprises for sure.

Previous speakers are more or less everyone that is an important startup person from the region, such as David Heinemeier Hansson (Basecamp, Hey, 37 Signals, Creator Of Ruby On Rails), Mette Lykke (Too Good To Go, former Endomondo), Neil Murray(Playmaker, Angel Investor At The Nordic Web Ventures), Charlotta Tönsgård (Kind), Jeppe Rindom (Pleo), Zenia W. Francker (Seed Ventures, former Mesh), Ekaterina Gianelli (Inventure), Mina Mutafchieva (Dawn Capital), Jasenko Hazdic (Backing Minds, former Tame), Hampus Jakobsson (Pale Blue Dot, former Brisk and TAT), Heini Zachariassen (Vivino) – and many many more.

The next CPH Townhall will be held the 11th of October, at 17.00 – 21.00

The event is this time at VEO, Rovsingsgade 68, 2100 Copenhagen.

Register and get your ticket here: CPHtownhall