Anatomic Studios is a startup that is offering highly customizable 3D-designed and printed covers for prosthetic users. Customers enjoy a far superior online user experience akin to fashion e-commerce stores, beyond the incomparable physical experience.

In preparation for a wider launch, the company just closed its first round of investment, backed by Wellstreet Ventures Fund I, Queen Invest and Edument, among others.

“The global prosthetics and orthotics industry has evolved technologically, reaching a market size estimated at $ 9.2 billion in 2019. The existing players focus on functionality and the value of bringing mobility and independence back to patients. However, the industry approach in terms of prosthetic appearance, offering products that are supposed to fit a wide range of people, ends up not properly meeting individual needs and characteristics and is a common reason for adaptation and acceptance issues among prosthetic users.” says Emelie Strömshed, co-founder

Going in the complete opposite direction, Anatomic Studios creates highly personalized fitting and cosmetic solutions. This has been possible thanks to the startups extensive research and development work, and the inclusion of the client in every step of the development process.

Anatomic Studios works at the intersection of design, fashion, and 3D-technology, transforming assistive devices into personal fashion accessories that aim to empower and inspire users to wear and show off their prosthesis with pride. The clients can wear different 3D-modelled covers depending on the occasion and even matching with their outfit.

The very first solution was designed and 3D-printed for a 19-year-old girl in 2015 and rewarded by Region Skåne. In 2016 the company was founded and soon got attention from amputees wanting to know more about the new cosmetic option for their prostheses. Since the start, the company has also been a part of the incubator MINC in Malmö.

The startup is founded by Emelie Strömshed, designer and engineer with specialization in product development and 3D-printing, and Christian Veraeus, a prosthetist with 14 years’ experience of working clinically with amputees. Today, Anatomic Studios is available for prosthetic users in dozens of orthopedic clinics in Europe and primarily Scandinavia.

With growing demand and seeking to offer this solution to amputees beyond Sweden and the Nordics, Anatomic Studios just closed an investment round of € 430 000 (SEK 4.5 million) with the participation of Wellstreet Ventures Fund I and the Helsingborg-based tech company Edument. Other investors include Queen Invest, Thomas Koch, engineering visionary, who formerly worked with Koenigsegg Automotive and Blackwing airplanes, as well as the seasoned angel investors Mette Gross and Pål Svensson.

“We are excited to be able to take prosthetic fashion globally and continue developing our e-commerce and 3D-technology platform, creating a whole new shopping experience for our customers. We look forward to hearing more clients telling us how their cover has changed the way they view their prosthesis and interact with the world.” says Emelie Strömshed

The covers are a personal lifestyle product developed either as semi-customized collections, with different designs and colors to choose from, or fully customized, with the customers’ ideas and inspirations. With the new fuel in the tank, the founders aim to apply this first investment round to automate workflow and prepare for a broader launch to meet the rise in demand from both users and clinics globally.