SPIN-SYD (info in Swedish and English) will be hosting the “innovation by design” event at Sony Mobile in Lund, Thursday 16 May. Lectures and open discussions (all in English) will address
‘What does Innovation look like?‘ and cover the whole chain from effective, innovative, product development to what it takes to be successful in a demanding retail channel.

Keynote speaker Simona Maschi from the Copenhagen Institute for Interactive Design (CIID) will talk about co-creation as not only an approach; but as a core value of modern innovation. Other speakers include Erik Lundh on ‘agile’ and ‘lean’ approaches, and Karl-Magnus Möller on design thinking.

Register by Tuesday 14 May!

Thursday 16 May 2013, 14:30-19:00
Where: Loch/Ness in Sony Mobile building Glasgow, Mobilvägen 4, Lund