Danish Business news reports that Queue-it is quickly spreading out in Europe, Africa and North America, and the cloud computing-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product actually makes money from people waiting.

At the beginning of March, Danes trying to do their annual tax reporting on the tax administration’s website might have experienced a message “You are now in queue…”, to wait, then log in again when their turn came. This was the result Queue-it’s agreement with the tax authorities to manage the site when experiencing high traffic. The Queue-it system prevents overloading, meaning users wait in a queue instead finding that the website either does not respond or responds very slowly.

CCO Camilla Ley Valentin who presented at Tech-BBQ, is one of the three co-founders who came up with the idea after repeatedly seeing websites go down due to high data traffic. Along with Niels Henrik Sodemann and Martin Pronk, the three worked in the company Ementor Denmark, until the company was sold, and they went on with their own idea instead.

From ambitious beginning, the aims for the company have remained high, with the the intention always to make the company global. Based on their analysis, they knew they had the best odds of success looking wide,

“We had a lot of proposals in the innovation process. We presented a variety of ideas. From them, we would proceed, we analysed how big the potential was…. we were not interested in making something that only had relevance in Denmark. There were many ideas that were discarded at exactly that criterion,” says Queue-it CCO Camilla Ley Valentin.

Over three years Queue-it has been building their customer base in Europe, North America and Africa, and are also looking towards Asia. It has been a challenge for Queue-it to have a unique product that no one else has previously made.

“You might think immediately that it’s cool that there is no competition. And that’s it. However, it is also a disadvantage. Customers do not know that they have to search for you, for they do not know that you exist,” says Camilla Ley Valentin.

They have therefore spent a lot of energy to get people to talk about the solution. According to Camille Ley Valentin, Denmark has been a good place to start, both because digitization is far ahead in the Danish society, and because the founders already had a network in Denmark, which helps their credibility.

Now the whole world is conquered, and Queue-it is well underway. There is still some way to go before the small Danish company become a global success, but this is one to look out for!