Webshopindeks.dk is a service which enables firms to compare webshops. With this listing webshops can get a realistic picture of how they are doing in the online market. Trendsonline.dk had an interview with Jacob Kildebogaard, the founder of webshopindeks.dk. We have translated some highlights to gain an insight in this unique start-up. The full interview can be read in Danish here.

Gaining the trust of customers and to get them to understand the value of datasharing has been a challenge for webshopindeks.dk.

“People are anxious to share data, therefore it can be difficult to get more firms in. Although I am one of the most famous web analysts in Denmark, and also Martin Thorborg is known, people are still nervous about how far they want to go with sharing data.” Explains Jacob Kildebogaard to Trendsonline.dk

Jacob Kildebogaard says that the potential is greater than the current 300+ shops in the index and talks about international expansion.

“If it goes well, it could be cool to first spread in Europe and than the rest of the world. This requires that there is a local who has the power to roll it out. At the same time it is neccesary that Google Analytics has a very large share of the online shops in those countries. In Germany, it is probably not possible to enter, they are running all sorts of other systems than Google Analytics” Explains Jacob Kildebogaard to Trendsonline.dk.