Every journey in entrepreneurship is unique, containing individual fails and successes along the way. Nevertheless getting exclusive insights from the life as an entrepreneur from various angles is a valuable asset, regardless of the stage one’s own business is currently in.

The event series femVision, taking place at Helsingborg’s Mindpark in the Open Space, offers already experienced-, upcoming- and those who are still looking for inspiration for their business the opportunity to meet and network with like-minded people, combined with refreshing as well as informative speeches by local female entrepreneurs. Even though the event aims to empower and bring together the female entrepreneurship community in the Öresundregion in particular, “everybody – women, men and all in between – are invited”. At  femVision interesting viewpoints relevant for all entrepreneurs are discussed, not only for female ones.

In an informal and relaxed atmosphere at the second edition of femVision on April 4th 2017 the two entrepreneurs Alexandra Skoglund and Sara Clifton shared their personal stories about building their businesses – from the first vague ideas when they started to the challenges they are facing until today – while engaging with the questions of the audience, giving and getting advice and knowledge mutually.

Sharing their personal journey as entrepreneurs to encourage fellow women

An upcoming entrepreneur herself, Alexandra Skoglund works as a life coach, giving motivational speeches and workshops in the field of organizational as well as personal development. With her business, I am coaching, she has the vision to connect her clients with their best self. She encouraged the audience already during her speech and with an exercise on self-reflection to actively think about their true intentions and values in order to find their purpose, in terms of an “entrepreneurial self” in particular. She emphasized the importance of her personal and travel experiences in the past shaping who she is as an entrepreneur today.

After growing up with parents as entrepreneurs, Sara Clifton was introduced to the world of business from an early age on by sitting on table during meetings with them. With Search Integration she founded her own business in 2009, providing together with her team consulting services in terms of digital marketing and search engine optimization. Being an entrepreneur for years she openly shared her past struggles throughout her journey like losing sight of the vision of her business temporarily, stressing that those are important for individual growth, also referring to the staff that joins and supports an entrepreneur in the process of building a business:

“Mistakes are personal also in regards for your employees”

The next events of femVision are held on April 26th and May 17th 2017 at THINK Open Space, Helsingborg which also created it and is hosted in collaboration with THINK Accelerate and the networking community Women in Entrepreneurship by Malmö Startups.