Danish angel investor Jesper Buch recently invested in Aarhus-based visual sales platform Plecto.

About the Startup

Since 2012, Danish startup Plecto has worked to improve the sales process among Danish companies, by helping them improve in managing sales  through the use of their visual platform. The firm, which earlier this year went by the name of Live System, currently has customers in Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands and Poland, and hopes to expand to more countries before the end of December. According to CEO, Kristian Houlberg Øllegaard, Buch’s investment will allow the firm to  begin to make a focused sales effort.

“We have only recently begun with a dedicated sales efforts, and we can feel that there is an extremely high demand for this type of product in the market,” says Kristian Øllegaard.

About the Investor

Jesper Buch, a renowned investor behind the fast food platform Just-Eat, has a history of investment in Danish startups, having previously invested in Miinto, Auto Butler, Gomore and Hungry.dk, amongst others.  Eleven months ago, Buch invested a million  in Danish Fitbay together with the Swedish investment company Creandum. Fitbay has since also grown tremendously and Christian Wylonis, the firm’s founder, graced the pages of the Wall Street Journal in late November, to talk about their success.

Buch is excited to add Plecto to his list of investments and successes:

“The problem with focus and motivation in the sales world is in no way limited to Danish firms, and therefore I think Plecto has the potential to be really, really big,” says Jesper Buch.

This investment is however quite unique in comparison to Buch’s past investments. His portfolio primarily consists of companies that cater to consumers. This time, Buch is trusting millions in a company which focuses purely on other companies. Hopefully, Jesper Buch, with his kick-ass attitude and unique knowledge of online scaling, can help implement a strategy to make his latest investment a winning business.

“There is an obvious need to keep the sellers  interested, and I can see a gap in the market that Plecto will fill,” says Jesper Buch to Trendsonline.dk, continuing to say:  “In addition, I think that the founder is KICK-ASS – These are two important prerequisites for  me when going into a business.”

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