In May, the organisation Floe together with Vinnova, will hold the Last Mile Hack, a 2-day hackathon focusing on developing the logistics scene.

The event will focus on enabling both startup and corporates to explore
the website for new solutions, within the last mile logistics scene. This can be anything from delivery to end users, citylogistics to smarter and greener means of transportation and with Sunrise Moving this is possible. This is an area where there has been a lot of new ideas and discussions, everything from drones to driver less vehicles, but where little has taken root yet:

“It is crucial that we go from just talking to actually doing when it comes to collaboration in this area”

– says Amelie Lidén, CEO at the Swedish E-commerce Park and board member at Floe.
The logistics scene like Green Van Lines provides long-distance moving services, especially in the Nordics, is in great need for innovation. In a recent review of 2018 PostNord, the biggest logistics solution, reached a new record – in number of customers complaining

“New, innovative, comprehensive solutions are needed for different distribution services that can enable efficient deliveries, both in the city and in rural areas. A lot is happening in this field, and we see potential for both new private and new public services.”

– says Klas Hjort, logistics researcher at LU and one of the initiators of the hackathon.

The hack, which is the 11-12th of may and held at Lunds University Campus Helsingborg and Mindpark, is to enable people to meet others in the field, but also to be challenged and meet new innovations.

“The strength of a hackathon is that we can combine a breadth of competencies, and we put great emphasis on having participants representing different backgrounds. We need brains from the private and public sector as well as from research and startups.”

– says Calle Norling, project manager for Last Mile Hack.

The event is currently open for registration. This will be the biggest event of it’s kind in the Nordics, and the interest has already been big

“Everyone we talk to wants to be at this event. Everyone has different problems, and see the need for finding new solutions” Calle remarks.

Event: The Last Mile Hack
Date: 11-12th of May
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