On the 15th November, News Remixed will be held for the first time, a somewhat different hack-day for those interested in creating a service or app in the news segment. The aim is to foster innovation in the news and media business.

“It is not a normal hackathon – there is no teams, no competition, we don’t work 24 hours non-stop. Instead we simply want to invite and unite anyone interested in creating something new, either for themselves or with friends. If you are a programmer, student, journalist, editor, maker, designer or something else we hope that you’ll join us.” says Andreas Krohn, organiser

Besides Andreas, Gustav Ekberg is also an organiser. Both have a long past of building services within the news field, amongst other an API for news. Dan Nilsson, founder of Ecomony and behind ehandelsindex is also one of the organisers and will take part as well. We ourselves, with Karsten Deppert, will also be a part of the event and support it.

The goal of the event is both to create new services or apps for news, as well as giving those interested in innovation within news a chance to meet similar minded peers.

When: 15th November
Time: 10:00 – 20:00
Where: Mindpark, bredgatan 11 Helsingborg
Registration: here
Price: free