Malmö-based startup Learning to Sleep, that works to improve sleep routines, has received a €290 000 investment. The company desires to go on the wide market, once they reach the necessary sum of money – now they need ca. €484 000 more to be able to accomplish their goal.

Learning to Sleep Digital Programme helps people treat sleep problems and put the biological clock on the right track with the help of experienced psychologists and therapists. The programme takes 5 weeks and so far 94% of trial’s participants have received positive outcome. The startup’s programme is tailored for each client’s routine and needs.

CEO Micael Gustafsson has told Rapidus, that:

“Right now we are targeting marketing to insurance companies and private actors, but we except the treatment to be a part of the care choice.”

According to Gustafsson, this kind of programme is only available in the USA and not Europe, so the startup would like to go on the market as soon as possible.

Source: Rapidus.