Hoodin, a Malmö-based startup receives SEK 2.4 million (approximately € 245,000) capital from various recognized investors. The company just closed its recent financial round and plans to use the capital to improve its platform.

The investors that took part in this funding round involved a majority of the company’s current investors Ekap AIF , Taxam , Djäkne Startup Studio and Lindoff Technology. In addition, the company received capital from two new investors; Queen Invest and Martin Dell. From the total amount of 2.4 million, SEK 50,000 were from Almi

“A very important injection of capital. This is where we may start the movement towards volume, reaching out with our platform and services in a much bigger scale. We will invest in processes and platform enhancements to provide partners and customers with a fantastic experience and we will invest in sales and marketing capacity.”says Marcus Emne, the company’s CEO and founder in Hoodin’s News.

Hoodin is a content curation and engagement platform which brings opportunities to create digital solutions with a broader range of content. With Hoodin’s platform, customers can find, retrieve, analyze, enhance and distribute digital information. The company’s services are used, for example in marketing, hospitality industry and event organization.

“What is unique for Hoodin is that we build algorithms to figure out what kind of content is in the digital information. It is about recognizing and relating the content” says Marcus in 8till5 News.

The capital will be used to further grow the company. The startup is now investing in processes and improvements to the platform, and trying to expand their services on a larger scale. According to Marcus, in Nordic 9, Hoodin’s target sales for end of 2016 is SEK 4 million (€ 408,000), almost double from 2015.