Trustpilot, just received 10M EUR in new venture capital. The firm is a review-driven community, connecting online consumers with the companies they buy from. Customer reviews are aggregated which helps future consumers to make well informed decisions and firms get valuable feedback and an increased credibility.

Trustpilot’s received their first investment of roughly 700K EUR from SEED capital, the largest early stage venture fund in Denmark. A second round of financing of roughly 3.5M EUR was funded by a combination of SEED capital and North Zone. Those investors are also behind the last 10M EUR investment in Trustpilot. reports that Trustpilot should use this investment for global expansion. The company has it’s main customer base in Denmark but the firm will – and is already partly doing this – move into other geographical markets like the UK, France, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, and the U.S.

The firm was found in 2007 and has now over 7M shared reviews, and thus the website to visit if you want to review & share your online shopping exeperiences.