Malcon Invest, a new Malmö based financial service company, has the mission to get as many global investors as the ambitious founders of the region. The name Malcon is a combination of Malmö, Marco Muraca, and Arlon den Teuling, the two founders. The company started the 10 January 2024, and has four active investments at the moment. Three are in Life Science, and one is in blockchain. Two are based in Copenhagen, and two are in Lund.

The primary business is to prepare scale-ups with ambitious growth plans. One part is fundraising, which Malcon Invest does. The part that is often forgotten, is everything that is needed to be prepared to reach the high ambitions. Malcon Invest works together with Vinge for legal services, Ström & Gulliksson for patent, BDO for financial services, and some other partners that are on an equal level. These firms are still independent, so Malcon Invest does not get paid to send companies there.

“We often see that founders choose cheaper firms when they need these kinds of services. This can be much more expensive in the long term when an exit, IPO, or merger need to be done. That is why we work together with the best in the field, so you are well prepared, and don’t pay more than you need to,’’

Marco Muraca

Malcon Invest gets paid when they raise the money for the scaleup. They only work together with companies that they believe in, so 50% of the success fee can be paid in equity. In that way, Malcon Invest shows investors they have skin in the game, and that they will be on their side to help them be as successful as possible. The process should be as founder-friendly as possible.

“Founders often look for local investors, which is not always the best solution if you have the ambition to build a European/global company. Investors should match the ambitions and goals of what you want to reach. On the other side, there are not enough global investors that know what kind of cool companies we have in the region,”

Arlon den Teuling

The profiles behind Malcon Invest are Marco Muraca and Arlon den Teuling.

Marco is a senior investment manager and came up with the idea that led to Malcon Invest. He has 25 years of experience of experience in the field working for names like Lehman Brothers, Morgon Stanley, and Saxo Bank. He worked in places like London, Geneva, and Copenhagen, and is born and raised in Sweden.

Arlon is the former and last CEO of Skåne Startups, the entrepreneurial grassroots organization. He founded Malcon Invest together with Marco, as he found there was a lack of options for ambitious founders to go to. He has experience working in startups, as a founder, and with founders. Born and raised in the Netherlands, and moved to Sweden in late 2017.