Tillväxt Malmö are on the lookout for ambitious entrepreneurs from southern Sweden that want to meet successful local investors to gain access to their experience, networks and capital. The goal of their initiative Maxa Malmö is to start 20 new corporate partnerships to strengthen the region. They have brought together 12 entrepreneurs and business leaders from various industries – production, retail, technology, management consultancy, real estate, catering, and more – ready to invest their time and money to help develop businesses with high growth potential.

The application deadline is on 14th February 2014. When applying you can specify if it is funding, help with connections or mentoring that you are interested in.
All applicants will be contacted for an initial consultation based on the information provided in the application form. On March 14th Maxa Malmö will hold a ‘speed dating’ event where the selected entrepreneurs will be invited to give 10-minute meetings to the investors of choice.

Investors involved in Maxa Malmö:

  • Dan Olofsson – Chairman of the board at Sigma AB, initiator and founder of Star for Life that helps fight HIV/AIDS in South Africa, Namibia and Sri-Lanka, Chairman of Uppstart Malmö.
  • Martin Gren – Co-founder and Director of new projects at Axis Communications AB, director of the board at eye tracking technology company Tobii Technology AB.
  • Johan Andersson – CEO Mellby Gård AB, Board member of Chalmers Technical University.
  • Jan Barchan – CEO of Briban Invest AB, partner at Assistera consultant brokers, a board member at a number of Swedish companies.
  • Anders Holm – CEO of Q Ventures, main shareholder of Aqilles Invest.
  • Karl-Axel Granlund – Chairman of the board at Volito AB, Board member at Peab AB.
  • Dan Magnusson – Chairman of the board at Byggnadsfirman Otto Magnusson AB, partner at Salads and Smoothies .
  • Firas Mohamad – CEO of Dialect Support AB, partner at WORQ.
  • Spiros Mylonopoulos – Chairman of the board at Bergendahl & Son and at a range of well-known companies in the food industry.
  • Percy Nilsson – CEO of Parkfast Arena Fastighets AB, Chairman of the board at Hotell Mäster Johan.
  • Lars Svensson – CEO of Leteos AB, background as a business executive in the fashion industry.
  • Kent Widding Persson – Chairman of the board at Hardford AB and SÄVE Hyrmaskiner Sweden AB, co-founder of World Village of Women Sports.

Tillväxt Malmö is a part of Uppstart Malmö, a non-profit foundation which aims to help local entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and establish new workplaces in the Malmö region.