The platform Praice caters to companies and job seekers. Their angle: in addition to the normal CV and a cover letter, to leverage social media to create a better profile. The aim is to make recruitment easier for employers by crowdsourcing the job seeker’s personality profile via social media, so that companies can see their friends’ attitude to the applicant prior to deciding.

The service started out as a project by the consultancy Bit Blueprint. Bit Blueprint merged earlier this year with the digital agency Socialsquare. They have now together made what is Praice.

“The biggest challenge we see with social platforms today, is that they are based on who we think we are, instead of how others perceive us. With Praice we have created a credible way to communicate your personality.” explains CEO and co-founder, Andreas D. Christiansen, to Trendsonline.

A more complete picture

In practice Praice is a barometer of your personality that your network makes anonymously. It aims to provide a more authentic picture of who you are. Praice is thus a form of open and verifiable 360 ​​degree evaluation of one’s personality.

“With Praice we want to create a platform where you can get an honest answer to a persons personality is.”

The team behind Praice initially focuses on recruitment agencies and major HR departments where the personality is rarely seen before the first meeting. Praice gives companies an opportunity to learn more about the applicant than a CV and a cover letter. But praice can also be an effective tool for young people to the labor market, and yet have no skills or experience on your CV.

Angels investing

The platform has gotten an investment from a couple of business angels. These are Christian Birk, founder of Endomondo, Preben Carøe, Vice President & General Manager from AMTEK, and CEO of Multi Finance, William Brüel. They all bought in on Praice’s vision: become the standard in recruitment.

“I spoke to Andreas Christensen several years ago when he wrote a study assignment that I gave some input. When they started Praice the end of 2014, he reached out. I shared some experiences from Endomondo, and one led to another, and we have kept in touch over time.” says Christian Birk, former co-founder of Endomondo and investor Praice.

The founder of Praice itself has for several years worked with big data and analytics at IBM, but even though it is an important factor in Praices success, he does not believe that it is the most crucial.

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