Business is booming for Malmö design company Topp, reports Sydsvenskan. Less than a year after inception, they’ve outgrown their current home in Stora Nygatan, and will to Möllan in October. They’re also looking to expand the team of designers and developers.

“We need more room because we are growing and need more space for our projects,” says James Haliburton, CEO of Topp, to Sydsvenskan.

Topp was founded in January 2013 by The Astonishing Tribe (TAT) team of seven, those responsible for design and development of the Blackberry 10. By late November they hope to grow to fifteen employees. With freelancers and other partners, there will be upwards of twenty people on the premises.

James Haliburton says they’re happy with the new building of 380 square meters on Ängelholmsgatan in Malmö.

“It’s a great, big workspace that we will be able to develop in a creative way. It may not be the place companies in our industry traditionally move to, but there is a lot of energy around Möllan, it is an exciting place to be and we will be able to grow in the premises for a few years.”

Topp’s customers come from Asia, North America and Europe. Among other projects they’ve worked for Samsung on the development of Android apps for the Galaxy smartphone and in the exploration of future smartphone experiences.

“We have a good mix of customers. We work not only for mobile manufacturers but also with major automotive manufacturers, record companies and smaller companies like Crunchfish.”