Startup watAgame has recently released Momio: a new social app targeted at kids, which allows them to chat with friends, share videos and pictures and comment on others’ activities. Momio has been hailed ‘the Facebook for kids’, which is exactly what watAgame CEO and founder, Henrik Riis, had in mind when he developed it:

“Many of the social media products are targeted to youth and grown-ups but kids use them anyway. We believe that children deserve a service developed specifically for them”

Momio is prided on being both fun and safe, safety issues are among its top priorities. The app is both human moderated and scanned by advanced systems, while users’ personal information is kept private. Users are encouraged to report any suspicious or inappropriate content, which is immediately dealt with by the watAgame team.

The application has been met with a great deal of excitement since its launch in late 2013; climbing its way up the top ten rankings in the iOS App store for both iPhones and iPads within the first week of release, with 150,000 chat messages sent within the first five days

Originally launched under the name Skymo, watAgame was forced to rebrand their product to the more recent ‘Momio’, to avoid legal clashes with British broadcasting company Sky. ‘Momio’ was chosen for being an international name, which is just as well as the app, which was previously only available in Denmark, has recently been launched across Northern Europe. Momio can be downloaded free of charge by iOS and Android users in all of Scandinavia as well as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Belgium.

watAgame: What a Story

Founded in 2004, the firm is supported by venture investors Accel, Seed Capital and VF Venture and in 2012 earned a turnover of 3.6 million euros. Their signature product; goSupermodel, a fashion oriented website for young girls is, like Momio, based on safe and supervised fun where users’ identities are protected and a welcoming community is maintained.